Hall Royd Junction Box nameboard as preserved at the East Lancashire Raiway, Bury

Free 4mm (OO) downloadable backscenes -
Todmorden, Calder Valley looking westwards

This is a backscene which in 4mm scale gives a finished length of 114 inches and a height of 12 inches. It is available in two formats:

Format 1: FREE! 14 A4-sized PDFs which can be downloaded to your computer and printed out - click on the individual thumbnails below to access the file.

Format 2: Printed on two sheets and laminated with a satin finish; posted in a stout postal tube. See below for how to order.

Tips: Print the PDFs out on matt photo paper - this provides a superior output and is worth the small extra cost over A4 paper. Secondly common inkjet inks are susceptible to Ultra Violet light, so before mounting the sheets protect them. I use lacquer purchased from my local car spares shop, and then a matt varnish from the local art shop. When you print the sheets out, they will have a white border. Cut these off using a steel rule and sharp blade - cutting with scissors won't allow the sheets to be butted together accurately. Finally, mount on a suitable card or plywood. I use the Spraymount products for this, although be careful not to get any glue on the front of the sheet. Enjoy!

You are free to use these backscenes for personal use: all I ask is that should you make reference to these in forums, magazine articles, blogs or tell people about them, please provide a link to www.hall-royd-junction.co.uk. Thank you.

Available ready-printed and laminated!


Todmorden looking West Scenic Backdrop laminated/rolled £99.00      

Thumbnail of Todmorden looking West model railway backscene, finished size 9.5 feet x 1 foot.

To download the PDF, click on the thumbnail. And don't forget to save the file on your harddrive once it has downloaded.

Each section produces a section of backscene approximately 8 inches wide and 11 inches high, or just over 5 feet in total.

Notes on the location: The panorama is shot from Hall Royd Road bridge on the L&YR Calder Valley main line. Under the bridge the tracks divide with the Copy Pit line turning sharply to the right, whilst the main line can be seen gentle curving to the left in the centre of the panorama.

The pre-printed laminated backscene as it will look on your layout*:

* Please note: models and layout not included

The scene is Todmorden, in West Yorkshire. The view is from Hall Royd Road bridge looking westwards and taken in March 2013.

Further reading on making your own backscenes:

Model Rail, February 2013 issue 177, Pages 46-49

Model Railroader, July 2012 Volume 79, issue 7. Pages 37-41 and 41-44

The Model Rail article also contains a link to a free JPG file of a rural scene which is available for download.