Hall Royd Junction Box nameboard as preserved at the East Lancashire Raiway, Bury

Hall Royd Junction: The Model Railway

1.   Genesis of Hall Royd Junction: the model railway 
2.   Baseboards for Hall Royd
3.   Flipping Baseboards (or building a sub-frame)
4.   Out-of-the-box Working Semaphore Signals: A potted history
5.   Making solenoid point motors and copper-clad points work together in 4mm scale
6.   New storage yard
7.   How to connect Peco Streamline 00 gauge Code 70 track to Code 100...simply and cheaply
8.   Switching copper-clad (paxolin) 4mm scale points using DPDT slider switches
9.   Crossing the baseboard joint in the storage yard
10. Populating the new Storage Yard
11. Hall Royd Road Bridge
12. Burnley Road shops, Todmorden
13. Minx point and signal actuator review
14. Fried Hornby Sound chip with a happy ending
15. Sharge UK track cleaning tanker review
16. Ks Black 5 fitted with 'free bogie' tender
17. Construction of a work bench
18. DJH WD 2-8-0 restoration
19. DJH Crab restoration
20. Low-cost decoders: an assessment
21. How to find the stall current of a loco
22. Track ballasting - the brushing method
23. Track ballasting - the sprinkling method
24. Locomotive Wheel Cleaning Track
25. First impressions of the NCE Powercab
26. Converting a split-frame Bachmann Jubilee to DCC
27. Hornby Patriot gear meshing and valve gear problems examined
28. DCC v DC; Pros and Cons
29. Constructing a Hi-Level gear box
30. Completing a K's Jubilee as acquired on eBay
31. BR maroon coach liveries and selecting to correct lining transfers
32. Constructing Route Learning Car DE 320765
33. Creating a photographic backscene
34. Deploying Wills point rodding
35. Fitting a fire iron rack to the Bachmann WD Austerity 2-8-0
36. Signals - a first fix
37. The Hall Royd LNWR gallows signal
38. Creating additional staging
39. Bachmann DCC starter set locos 'Stewart' and 'Greg'
40. Building a curved diamond crossing to make a double junction with PECO points
41. Bachmann WD Austerity 2-8-0 shorting issue due to overheating, and its resolution
42. Evolution of the Hall Royd layout over the last 18 months in schematic form
43. The resurrection of a Bachmann Crab that had been fitted with Romford driving wheels
44. First impressions of the PECO SL-U1189 OO scale Bullhead point
45. Winning case studies for changing handmade and PECO points
46. Notes on selecting a prototype L&YR 0-8-0 'Teddy Bear'
46. Building a Sutherland Models LYR Class 31 0-8-0 tender loco kit
47. Remotoring the Hornby Class 110
48. Relaying an existing cross-over
49. Building an AJModels Aspinall Class 27 0-6-0
50. How to renumber a RTR loco
51. Aspinall Class 27 0-6-0 from a Craftsman kit
52. Using a 3D printed body for a Class 28 0-6-0.
53. The tale of three LYR Class 23 tanks

Downloadable Building Kits

1.   80 Halifax Road, Todmorden shop & house structure kit in 2mm, 3mm and 4mm scales
2.   L&YR Size 6 signal box 4mm scale structure kit
3.   Bellingdon Road (Chesham) factory 4mm scale structure kit
4.   Hall Royd Pre-cast Concrete Garages 4mm scale structure kit
5.   Midland Railway/LMS/BR Asbestos Petroleum/Lamp hut 4mm scale structure kit

The Trains

Lanky and Other Layouts of Interest

'Calderwood' at Alexandra Palace, 29 March 2015
'Leicester South' at Alexandra Palace, 29 March 2015
'Dewsbury' and 'Bradfield Gloucester Square' at Railex, Aylesbury, 24 May 2014 
'Aylesbury' at Railex, Aylesbury, 29 May 2016.
'Thurlstone GC' 18 October 2023
'Abbots Vale' 4mm (OO) Model Railway 1974 - 2012
> Meltham station building 4mm scale
> Commercial Street, Brighouse
> Howarth goods shed
> Houses on the Hill, Holmfirth
> Burnley Road, Todmorden
> Essays in card building kits
> Imported plastic building kits


List of LYR 4mm RTR locomotives and kits
Plinthing a Pannier