Hall Royd Junction Box nameboard as preserved at the East Lancashire Raiway, Bury

LYR Lower Quadrant 4mm & 7mm Signal Waterslide
Transfers (decals) for 
MSE arms

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Sheet 1: LYR OO Home & Distant signals, including dwarf and siding signals

L&YR 4mm signal transfer sheet





L&YR 7mm signal transfer sheet





Sheet 2: LYR O Home & Distant signals including dwarf and siding arms

LYR 0 scale Home & Distant signals - UK only  GBP 11.98

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The transfers are intended for the MSE 4mm and 7mm signal etches, as shown below - 4mm S0013 and GS0010 (ground signals) and 7mm S013 and GS010 (ground signals).

MSE L&YR signal arm packs S013, GS0013, S010 and GS010

This is how the various frets appear. The later 1912 arms are marked '1912', whilst the earlier Raynar-Wilson type re marked 'R-W'.


MSE 7mm L&YR signal arm fret S013

MSE 7mm L&YR ground signal arm fret GS0010


MSE 4mm L&YR signal arm fret S0013

MSE 4mm L&YR ground signal arm fret GS0010